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I believe professionals should take responsibility for their own professional development.  Read more here ... and here

This site [used to] include training information, articles, programs and links I've compiled for my colleagues in the supply chain profession since 1996.  Obviously some of the articles are out of date, the old hyperlinks no longer work and information is more readily available from other sources.  I've left parts that might be of interest for people new to the profession who want to see the issues that affected us back in the day... when we used to have to use carbon paper to make copies and "press hard" was a common footer on office forms.
There is no paid content, I post, delete and express my own opinions.

You’ve found the MLTWEB.COM web site. As of January, 2020 I’ve started retiring my web site and removing all of the postings. I appreciate you visiting – but expect broken links and missing materials. If you are looking for a specific presentation or handout, send me an email, I might be able to recover a copy for you.

Why? I retired from full-time employment in 2015. Our national organization is undergoing profound change. Thus my web site is no longer current and so it retires.

I created my site in 1996 for the benefit of my friends and colleagues in the Supply Chain Profession. Recall, that was before desktop operating systems considered the goal of ‘user friendly’; internet search engines were arcane (Google didn’t even start until 1998) ; PCs were not ubiquitous in the workplace; many companies prohibited folks from connecting the internet; [..OK Boomer….enough]

 Thus, on my web site I posted links to references, resources, and regulations; and included commentary of interest to business professionals. Over the years I distributed an informative newsletter and posted programs and handouts about supply chain management and professional skills.

In 1980 we formed Columbia Basin Purchasing Management (now ISM Columbia Basin) a professional purchasing association affiliated with the National Association of Purchasing Management (now ISM) here in the Tri-Cities. My web site shared 40 years of collaborative training, learning and educational resources among the hundreds of professional I’ve met around the country. I hope you found the information interesting and useful in your career.

I’ve truly enjoyed meeting and networking with hundreds of supply chain professionals from around the world. My professional contacts, programs and experiences enhanced my career and enriched my life. For the many special fiends - I would not have otherwise met – I’m grateful.

For forty years of memories and friendships I treasure – thanks!


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