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I believe professionals should take responsibility for their own professional development.  Read more here ... and here

This site includes training information, articles, programs and links I've compiled for my colleagues in the supply chain profession since 1996.  Obviously some of the articles are out of date, the old hyperlinks no longer work and information is more readily available from other sources.  I've left parts that might be of interest for people new to the profession who want to see the issues that affected us back in the day... when we used to have to use carbon paper to make copies and "press hard" was a common footer on office forms.
There is no paid content, I post, delete and express my own opinions.

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Archives:   older materials on topics I'm no longer updating since more current resources are now readily available on the Internet.

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Mike Taylor presents programs and seminars on purchasing and management topics. Contact Mike if you would like to schedule a program for your organization.

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O.K. Enough about work.
 Now it's time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine

Wine Tasting - The Nickel Tour. Get your nickel's worth when wine tasting. This is a PowerPoint show. I had a great time doing this presentation for NAPM Columbia Basin. If you'd like to schedule it live for your group, just drop me a line, we'll see what we can work out.

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