The following puzzle was prepared by Mike Taylor, C.P.M. for distribution to ISM affiliate newsletters. 

Elements of a more complete contract negotiation .......


(Hint;  look for a list of elements to negotiate in a contract on this web site.)

1. better or worse  
4. timely date  
6. how long will it last?  
7. give back plan (2wds)  
9. lawyer talk (2 wds)  
11. it's mine!  
15. what if?  
16. design  
18. Euro or mine? (2wds)  
20. reams of them  

21. teacher duty  
22. less than list  
23. oil change  
2. up and running  
3. stay out of court (3 wds)  
5. Includes seller's costs 
8. costly when special  
10. not by check (3wds)  
12. pay for use  

13. loss prevention  
14. walk away fee (2 wds)  
17. pretty in pink  
19. carrying cost  




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