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UCC and Contract Legal Terms


8. Court may require one party to perform when the other relied on a promise (2 words)
13. A contract forms when it's accepted
14. A contract clause which is so one-sided the court might throw it out
15. Indirect damages are ___
16. One of Buyer's remedies under the code (3words)
17. A buyer might ask the judge to require this of the seller if the product was special (2 words)
18. ___ damages happen as a result of failure

1. A warranty that is spelled out in detail
2. when one party fails to perform the contract (3 words)
3. ___ might be revoked when a hidden defect is found
4. when the fine print doesn't agree we have this situation (4 words)
5. ____ must be exchanged to form a contract
6. UCC (3words)
7. Buyers and Sellers in the marketplace are not consumers, they are ___
9. ___ is an implied warranty that the product will be typical of similar products
10. Presented in court to prove that there was more to the contract than what was written (2words)
11. "I never meant to form a contract"
12. FOB (3 words)


   Solution to be published in a future edition.... For some hints, you might check UCC article 2 and or some of the articles I have published on y web site and Buytrain newsletter. This puzzle is provided just for fun. It's not intended to substitute for legal advice or a good training program.



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