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January 2005

Image Protection

Do you post images on the internet? Do you post them for anyone else to freely copy, use and distribute? If not, how do you protect the images and/or prove they are really yours? Adding a digital copyright or watermark to images before you post them is one way to help identify them. In some cases the watermark can act as a digital ID tag so you can search the web to see who else might be using the image.

Probably not a big issue if all you are posting is grainy snaps of the latest dinner program. However, I know of at least one instance where one of my images was added to a photo index. I also wouldn't be surprised if someone had downloaded a picture of me to make one of those fake celebrity-head-on-a-different-body pictures. (It's probably hard to tell if it's really me or Arnold.)

The solution is to add a digital marker to the images. Call it a digital watermark, copyright or even an encryption scheme. There is a lot of information about the process and some free tools to help you do protect your images. Soooooo if you are going to post an image that someone might want to 'borrow' here are some resources:

Read these articles for some background info:

This one is a high level overview that normal people can understand: 

This one for all of you engineers. Great introduction and summary... but just a little bit technical in the middle. 

Here's one more:  

Not an exhaustive or comprehensive search on the subject, but might help get you started.

Some Image Watermarking Utilities:

Search Engines Aren't all the same!

A few tips on how to make your web site show up on search engines. NO! do not pay the listing service. They don't do any more than you can freely do yourself in a few minutes. Here is a good article on how to get your page noticed:

Then check out this list of search engines to see how different engines index pages in a different manner: 

Front Page

A few interesting tricks in Front Page. 

This link works if you have Office 2003 installed on your machine.

If you don't have Office 2003, don't give up; these same tips are buried in the Front Page help file and in the online tips; 

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