Web sites of interest to Procurement Professionals that I have used or referenced in my presentations. This list was first published  in the mid 90's when finding information was a problem.  Now that online search tools are much better, the problem is filtering out useful information.  Many of these links are obsolete or broken -but I've left the page for anyone who still finds it useful .   I am no longer updating the links. and I do I have any control over their content or availability.

"An astute purchasing professional will use the Internet as a "full-line" reference tool, not just another phone book. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet to help prepare for, and facilitate, the purchasing process. This knowledge pays for itself far beyond the basic value of locating a supplier or product. "  from one of my early internet seminars circa 1998.

Business Information




Freight and Transportation




Laws and Regulations


Legal References



Professional Development

If you don't belong to one or more of these organizations, then you are missing a great opportunity to establish relationships and network. Why? read this article.

Associations & Organizations

Affiliates &web services
(Just a few good representations of local affiliate web sites)



Procurement References

The wheel was invented a long time ago. Before starting over, see what other organizations have already done.


Records Management







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