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Personal Professional Development redux

February 2004

I wanted to elaborate on one topic that we spoke about during our dinner program.

"What to put on your resume."

Imagine you are competing with me for a job. Could your resume be competitive?

 My resume would be a real humdinger. It would be loaded with 30 years of experience purchasing and managing a variety of materials and services. My resume would list a lot of education, seminars, and training. Making it even more competitive would be public speaking, writing articles, conducting programs, professional association offices and a few awards.

Kind of tough competition? Maybe not. Consider what your resume could look like.

Depending on the job we were applying for, I'd be toast in spite of my credentials.

The real trick here is to consider the job interview and prepare your resume for it just like you would a negotiation. One great strategy in a negotiation is to change the terms. [Creative Negotiation - part 4]

In this case, change the resume fight to specific accomplishments in that industry or environment, and you put me to a major disadvantage. A specific accomplishment will mean much more to an interviewer. Think of it this way;  Write your resume based on what the reader would want to hear and it will be awesome!

Does that give some ideas of what you can list? [Don't just nod your head; write them down in your Career Book now].

Thanks everyone who took the time to attend the program. I hope it helps you and your career.

P.S. Is anyone interested in a resume-writing workshop, where we spend time, with pen in hand, working and collaborating on your resume? What about a workshop on how to use Outlook to manage a professional contact list? If so drop me an email. With enough interest, I'll try to arrange it.

P.P.S. For those of you who missed the workshop, the handout is online available for you to download at 


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