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Some people might mock my habit of visiting college bookstores while on vacation. However, when you are the same size as the big guy on the wrestling team, it pays to shop for T-shirts where he shops. Nuff said!

While browsing the aisles, I often find books that are educational and valuable. Here is another.

This gem is a Quick Study Chart on Business Law. Laminated, 4-pages and crammed with really fun legal facts. Just right for carrying around the office The one I found is produced by BarCharts, Inc and is called Business Law. ISBN 1-57222-147-X 50395. (About $4.00)

You can find it in the same section as the Cliff Notes on War and Peace. It's worth looking for.


With the new year, everyone is concentrating on adding some depth to their purchasing skills or studying for the C.P.M. exam. Here is an inexpensive book that can help. It is a text book I picked up at a college bookstore.

Sum & Substance Quick Review; Contracts (over 600 pages) 
ISBN: 031424283X

Sum & Substance is a Division of West Publishing Company. This book is a gold mine of information for purchasing and contracts professionals. Enough information and detail to make you dangerous. It includes a comprehensive reference to the laws and theories surrounding the formation and performance of contracts. The best part about the book is that it is written as a text. Clear outlines, annotated citations, case references and examples make the law interesting and easy to review. You can quickly jump to a specific topic and drill into the issues and laws affecting your decision. On the other hand, you can skim through the 40 page Capsule Outline and become an instant expert.

While this book doesn't include some of the other regulations that we must also understand (Anti-Trust laws, etc.), it does go a long way towards explaining why companies should have trained purchasing people to issue and enforce valid, legally binding contracts.

 Publisher Synopsis: When time is critical and a complete and comprehensive analysis of Contract Law is needed, rely on Quick Review. Each Quick Review is designed to make the study of law simple, clear and convenient. All Quick Reviews contain a Capsule Summary which includes clear and concise explanations of legal concepts and terms along with exam hints, strategies, mnemonics, charts, tables and study tips. Self-testing and diagnostic review questions enhance memory retention and facilitate the application of legal concepts. Case Squibs are capsule summaries of significant cases identifying important facts, primary issues and relevant laws. Casebook Tables allow you to maximize all Quick Review features alongside your casebook, and numerous essay and multiple choice questions with model answers and detailed explanations are also included.

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