September 2, 2002

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Effective Meetings

Do you conduct meetings as part of your job? Most of us do. It's a complicated effort that demands planning and attention. At the summer leadership workshop I presented a short program on this subject. You can find it on my seminar handout page. I hope it helps. 

Satellite seminar schedule

ISM has  published their satellite seminar schedule for the year. These programs are cost-effective and definitely worth attending.  Find a satellite seminar  host in your area by visiting the Pacific NorthWest Forum affiliate program page. We are just beginning to get program feedback from the affiliates.  

Latest CAPS study released 

Strategic Cost Management in the Supply Chain: A Purchasing and Supply Management Perspective

To receive a copy of this study, contact CAPS Research at 800/888-2277 or 480/752-2277, or visit the CAPS Research Web site at . CAPS Research is a global, independent research organization whose mission is to provide leading-edge research to support strategic purchasing and supply management. CAPS Research is affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management(tm) and Arizona State University College of Business.

Education programs

Lots of good resources in the northwest for purchasing and supply management. Here are three.

Boise State University 
Contact   Norman Beckert 208/343-0988

Portland State University
Contact:Lee Buddress   503/725-4769

Shoreline Community College
Contact: R. Jerry Baker


Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference

Only a few short days to make your reservation and plan to attend the Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference.   Hope to see you all there.

Pacific Northwest Public Purchasing

Whistler, B.C.

New affiliate web site

NAPM-Willamette Valley.  Some good links and information. 


Check out a simple archive of BuyTrain articles at 

Pacific & NorthWest Forum news

Did you catch the August 2002  newsletter from the Pacific & NorthWest Forum? Hmmm, maybe you aren't on that mailing list. Here is a link to the newsletter. Read more about the PNWF and subscribe to the mailing list at 

ClickNotes news

Did you know that I also have a mailing list for people interested in web site and computer information?  Check out the ClickNotes news archive here. 

Mailing Lists

I maintain several mailing lists. Follow this link to sign up.


I borrowed this quotation from one of my favorite email newsletters. It's probably the best insight into the origin of crop circles I've heard. The rest of the article is pretty good as well. 

On the question: "Are crop circles created by Aliens?"  "... I truly hope the universe really is teeming with life and other civilizations, but if or when we meet them, I also truly hope they're not dolts whose idea of communication involves doodling in our Wheaties."  Fred Langa

Read the complete article about crop circles in the newsletter from Fred Langa. Item #4 NOTE: If you have a computer at home, I suggest you subscribe [and read!] a newsletter like this or one of the many others about computer related issues.


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