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March 2008

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Bottom-Line Questions

When the best interests of the company are on the line, we want to be prepared to do the best job we can of raising the issues and at least giving everyone a chance to make a good decision.  In  previous articles I've suggested that asking the right question and considering personalities can help when negotiating. In this article I'm providing some additional suggestions to help refocus an internal negotiation on the critical facts. Here is an example: I just want to make sure Iíve clearly described the business risks involved with that decision.  Read the full article here

UCC Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Supply Chain Specialists do more than just deliver the right product to the right place at the right time. We add value by making sure contract actions are legally enforceable. Experienced Supply Chain Professionals have a good working knowledge of contract law.

Are you ready to test your knowledge of contract law and the UCC? Try this puzzle just for fun.  I think all of the material is covered in the first module of the C.P.M. exam and/or I've discussed in past newsletters.  I'm sure it will be pretty easy for people who have their C.P.M., but nevertheless,  I'll publish the solution in a future newsletter.  Here is a link to the puzzle. 

GIVE UP? I've added the solution - march 2008.

Wish that you knew more about the UCC and contract law?  Here are some references:

Personal Development

Training Resource

Just wanted to give you a heads up about a training resource. The Defense Acquisition University has an online list of courses -  When you click the link, you may get a security certificate warning - just be brave and ignore it -click to continue.

I found this while looking for help understanding the Berry Amendment which relates to another course in the series on the Buy American Act. You can also find course materials on cost analysis, conflict of interest, commercial item pricing and source selection. There is even a course on Basic Math ( it's o.k. to admit needing a little refresher.) The statistical terms section is particularly invigorating.

Most of the courses are available to preview without having to register and many include interactive learning reviews. On the plus side (any of your overachievers - you know who you are) who take and ace the whole set of courses, can probably qualify for a job in military procurement.

ISM News

YouTube Video Worth Sharing

Check out ISM's promotional video, "This Is My Institute." 

Workshops - Worth Participating

ISM annual Leadership Training Workshops are absolutely the best way to energize affiliate volunteers. If you have never been to one, then you really need to go. People who attend and participate learn a lot about ISM, affiliate management and leadership in general. Topics include communication, budgeting, programs and certification. Although the program sounds like it is geared only towards affiliate officers, in reality anyone who is, or wants to be, actively involved in helping the affiliate can benefit from attendance. Attendees build friendships and share information with a wide range of their peers from all over the country.

ISM conducts three different leadership workshops during the summer so you can find one that works for your schedule. As an important training tool, ISM will also help defray the cost for a few affiliate delegates. However, many affiliates budget and send many more.  Talk with your affiliate leadership now about attending.  You can find the 2008 Leadership workshop schedule and copies of notes from previous workshops online in the ISM web site under Affiliate Support. .  I also have posted some tips for affiliates to maximize your ROI.  Read Mike's Tips here.. 

Worth Joining

Do you know a Supply Chain Professional who is not a member of ISM? Maybe the availability of the ISM Supply Chain Management career center might be a good reason to join. 

  • The Career Center Job Seeker services are FREE to ISM regular members.
  • NEW! Non-members may now use the ISM Career Center Job Seeker services for an annual fee of $185.00.
  • Note to non-member job seekers:  Get a better return on your investment by becoming an ISM Direct Member for only $180 (a $5 savings over the annual non-member Job Seeker fee), or an ISM Affiliate Member (annual dues vary by affiliate). By becoming an ISM member you not only have full member Career Center benefits, but you also gain access to the Members Only sections of the ISM Web site (including the extensive article database, Resource Guides, online Info Center, product and registration discounts and more), as well as receiving the ISM members only monthly magazine Inside Supply Managementģ. Affiliate members gain additional benefits such as the value of local training, educational and networking opportunities.  Find your closest local affiliate here:

While we are thinking about career changes, the ISM job posting system also has a very helpful service for job seekers:    Job Notification Preferences ď Every evening our system will look at all jobs that were added or updated in the last 24 hours and send you an email that includes the ones that meet the requirements you set out below. ď  Set your personal preferences and start hearing about new job postings automatically.

Career overview

(TEMPE, Ariz.) March 13, 2008 ó A popular career guide from Institute for Supply Managementô (ISM) is updated and ready to assist individuals who are exploring or revising their career paths. The publication, Supply IN Demand: Your Career in Supply Management, provides a clear overview of the objectives of supply management and some of the key components of the profession. A PDF version of Supply IN Demand is available on ISM's Web site at Select Career Center, More Career Resources, then Careers in Supply Management. Highlights include:

  •  Average salaries of supply managers
  • Where will supply management take you?
  • Common degrees within the profession
  • Free ISM student membership benefits
  • ISM Career Center and Professional Credentials
  • Educational institutions offering supply management programs
  • Career development after college

Software Tips

IE7 Challenged?

Give this a try:

Outlook Challenged?

Is Outlook the bane of your day at the office? I love the program - full of features that I'm still discovering. But even I need help sometimes. Here is a great Outlook resource: Tips, tricks, and enhancements for organizations using Outlook. Includes software adins for improving an organization's use of email.

Outlook 2003's holiday list included dates through 2007. To add holidays between 2008 and 2012, Outlook 2003 users need to download the holiday update file described in KB 924423 then install the Holiday file using Tools, Options, Calendar options, Holidays.

Add additional calendars to your Outlook mailbox. Add a personal calendar: Open Outlook 2003 in folder-list view Right click on the calendar folder and add a subfolder. Use this as a special calendar for groups, conference room schedules, etc.

Stop Typing and Start Dictating?

Voice recognition software and hardware has gotten better. If you have a typing issue, it might be time to consider the new products. Don't expect it to be a panacea. Those of us who can type with three or more figures are probably going to prefer doing exactly that. [ my opinion of course]

Internet Tools

Check to see if your new  hardware supports new internet-connectivity settings. Internet Connectivity Checker - Microsoft

How fast is my connection to the internet? Is it my silly computer or my lousy ISP that is slowing You Tube downloads? (usually the connection causes the delays not the computer. Check your speed here then compare notes with all your MySpace friends.


Federal Acquisition Data

Federal Acquisition Central Resource

From our Friends at the Department of Commerce

Stat USA  - subscription based service with statistical data and information.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Just for Fun!

Don't miss his interactive life expectancy counter.

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