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July 2006

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Does your group have a hard time keeping up with all the various ISM information and educational materials? If you do, try setting up a simple communication team to gather and redistribute important news. Each team member ends up with a relatively simple task for about an hour each month. The group ends up hearing about important information as it happens. Here is the recommendation for setting up the communication team.

Affiliate Bylaws

In the Bylaws workshop, Marty handed out an awesome article by an attorney who, judging from my search in Google, makes a very good living handling bylaw-related lawsuits. The article by James Seely was published in an association magazine  I can't get to a copy of it online because it's copyrighted, but I would like to share a few of my observations from the article.

  1. Bylaws become the legal agreement between members and the BOD. As such, bylaws need to be brief, concise and precise. Bylaws should:
  2. Define specific decision making authorities of the executive committee and officers. Also should give them enough authority to be able to take appropriate actions when needed.
  3. Only include the more-or-less permanent information of the association and relegate the policy kinds of activities to a policy document. Example: Bylaws would say the president has to conform to the duties described in the policy adopted by the BOD. The policy can be flexible and dynamic without having detail in the bylaws that could become the basis for a nitpicky challenge.
  4. Be written clearly. Use numbers (not roman numerals), indexes, bullets and concise language.
  5. Authorize meeting notices to be distributed electronically.
  6. Limit BOD liability and provide insurance.

Don't know that I've ever considered the possibility of a lawyer legally challenging my authority to make a affiliate decision based on our bylaws, but it looks like it happens all the time. Funny, he says that most associations don't have the expertise to write a legal document well.  Since we make a living writing legally binding documents, I think we can do a better job than most.

Try this Google search to see some more about his activities.
go to Google and search on  +"James Seely" +attorney

While doing some research on this subject I found this article which includes examples of items to include in a hotel meeting contract:

Personal Development

ISM Plans a new certification program

By now I hope everyone has heard about plans to implement a new certification. The Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) program is scheduled to be rolled out over the next few years. I know many people who are apprehensive about the new certification scope and requirements. Regardless of where you stand on the CPSM, no one can deny that on a personal level taking positive actions is better than just worrying. Here are a few I recommend:

July 29, 2006
Check out the latest edition of Supply Line 2055: Certification Update featuring the following subjects:
In this Issue:
* The 45,000th C.P.M. - and Proud of it!
* Education Level Survey Indicates High Interest in the CPSM
* Take ISM's Online Education Level Survey (C.P.M.s) * ISM Salary Survey Highlights
* CPSM Seminars Build Understanding During Credentialing Changes
* ISM Updates CPSM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
* Onsite C.P.M. Exam Testing Increases in Popularity
* The New Supply Management Handbook Available Soon!
* June's Educational Resource Catalog Offers More!
* Certification Contacts
* Go to  in order to view the latest and past editions.
Mike G. Shirra Sr. Associate - Marketing Editor, Supply Line 2055: Certification

ISM News

ISM Leadership Workshop

This year I was happy to attend the ISM leadership workshop in Las Vegas. It was an exciting gathering of over 300 affiliate and ISM leaders. We shared ideas, brainstormed solutions to problems and networked. I collected some notes and suggestions from the sessions that I attended. They are posted here for you all to use and share in your affiliates.  Workshop notes (rtf file)


Since returning from the workshop I've finally gotten around to updating some of the web sites. Here are a few pages that might be of interest:

Software Tips

 Just one more link as a reference for identity theft and fraud. There are many articles and web sites devoted to this subject. Probably the most important thing I can recommend (beyond reading a few of them) is printing a copy of the suggestions and keeping it where you can find it.  I've put a copy in the glove box of each vehicle and keep also keep a copy in my briefcase. 

When I use Word to edit long documents, I often find myself jumping around in the document. Scanning to the end to find a reference or jumping to the top to check wording, etc., then loosing my place and having to scan through several places to figure out where I left off. Solve that problem by using SHIFT+F5 to return to the last edit. Here's how it works; If I'm typing on page 8 and scan back to the beginning of the document to check a reference; I click SHIF+F5 and jump back to the last place in page 8 I was typing.

  I've started a collection of software tips from my various newsletters so you can find them all in one place. These are meant to be geeky correct, and are written for us common folks. Feel free to use any or all in your affiliate newsletters or pass them along to your colleagues and professional network.  Here's the collection I've started.

Elements of a more complete contract negotiation .......

(Hint;  look for a list of elements to negotiate in a contract on this web site.)

So how did you do with this crossword puzzle in the last newsletter? If you didn't try it, no fair peeking... Link here and give it a try before looking at the solution below.


1. better or worse  
4. timely date  
6. how long will it last?  
7. give back plan (2wds)  
9. lawyer talk (2 wds)  
11. it's mine!  
15. what if?  
16. design  
18. Euro or mine? (2wds)  
20. reams of them  

21. teacher duty  
22. less than list  
23. oil change  
2. up and running  
3. stay out of court (3 wds)  
5. 4-letter fee  
8. costly when special  
10. not by check (3wds)  
12. pay for use  

13. loss prevention  
14. walk away fee (2 wds)  
17. pretty in pink  
19. carrying cost  


Provide Feedback and suggestions for future newsletters at any time. I'll try and use what I can.

I really do appreciate those of you who take the time to write and comment on this newsletter!  



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