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May, 2005

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Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference.

National Association of Purchasing Management - Western Washington will host the 62nd Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference in Seattle, October 5-7, 2005. The program schedule is posted. Check out the web site for a list of the great programs and speakers. Reserve space in your schedule to participate.

Sox Again? 

I know you are probably tired of hearing about SOX, but I just wanted to give you a couple of new resources.

Curious about the potential cost of auditing and certifying compliance? I was lead to this article on the Internet; A.R.C. Morgan Report - what companies are spending on Section 404 compliance according to costs submitted in SEC filings. Average reported sox-related cost for companies with less than $2Bil in sales = $3 mil. 

Want to see what's driving the auditors? The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board publishes standards such as this; An Audit of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Performed in Conjunction with An Audit of Financial Statements. Look at the definition section 7.(3);

Electronic Commerce Review

FYI - ISM posted a copy of the ISM conference presentation on Electronic Commerce. 

Suggest a quick review for people involved with electronic commerce, (just so you are familiar with the terminology, issues and changing laws).

Comments regarding the presentation: 

1- The recommended path forward (having a separate e-commerce agreement) is the path we developed and promulgated back in the late 1990s. Still a valid recommendation even though the laws are catching up with business practices.

2- Proposed changes to UCC article 2 will help significantly. Note the acceptance of electronic transactions and increase in Statute of Frauds to $5K.  The UCC change is just starting down the adoption trail.

3- Internationals Terms are different! When writing an electronic contract with a non-U.S. company, you need to consider alternate terms.

4- Issues still to resolve include records!

If you have questions or want to discuss.. Let me know. More background information available on my web site at 

Link to summary of changes proposed in article 2 

What is the UCC? Here is an explanation: 

Related issue: One well-known Law professor's take on the new battle of the forms 


Personal Development

Ever have a contractor refer to one or more 'partners', 'team members', 'subcontractors', etc as part of a proposal? It happens all the time, and usually we read right past those words. If you're not paying attention, you could be setting yourself up for a big fall. Read the rest of the article; Who is That?

How do you stay current and improve your contract-law skills? Did you think your career was going to plateau with the purchase of office supplies or are you serious about advancing in the field of contracting? For those of us who want to continue to advance, Here is an article and link to a contract case worth reviewing. Contract Law Review

Download and install free web tools... not without some caution:

I know at home, many people have started to find a number of useful and free web tools. Services such as Google have a number of free tools for indexing, email, web searches, etc. Some tools are good, but some are not. Even if the company is reputable, you could be making a mistake.

Before downloading, installing and using ANYTHING, make sure you consider the risks and understand what you are doing. DO NOT fall prey to wiz-bang, pretty pictures, nice words. Be a savvy consumer!

I think most people understand that just running a strange file could be inviting a virus invasion. But even cute tools have risks; 

Why do we care? This isn't Las Vegas; assume that what you do, say and copy to the web is available and distributed to everyone who wants to know.

Here is a great article that provides some insight. 

At home, some of these consequences are innocuous. On the other hand;  I hear from people all the time who have suffered significant problems.

At work, you could be in violation of company policy, and/or you could be creating a significant business risk.

I'm all for balancing productivity tools with security. [I don't want to go back to when our executive secretary used to ration carbon paper.] But downloading and using new tools without understanding the potential liability is irresponsible.

Even with what I know about computers, I have a healthy skepticism about new tools. Even though I know many of the IT people who work hard at making sure all of the software in our company works correctly and is secure; I'm usually cautious about what they do as well.

The there is the other side…. I'm always amazed at people who are blissfully ignorant. They jump in with both feet and then act surprised when they have a computer problem.


ISM News

Buyers with a common interest band together.

Are you keeping in touch with current trends in specialized procurement fields? Involved with Electronic Commerce, Government Procurement, Materials Management or MRO procurement?

 Did you know that ISM has specialized groups, devoted to these topics and many more, where members with a common interest can get together to discuss current trends and share innovation.

 Participation in ISM Groups and Forums is open to ISM members. Just go online to find the group or groups that share your interest and sign up. Here is a link to the latest Groups and Forums spotlight news, I'm sure you'll find something of interest.


Check out the latest edition of Supply Line 2055: Certification Update featuring the following subjects:

Go to  in order to view the latest, and past editions


From Microsoft, two articles that I found helpful.

Better internet searches. Tips on finding what you want on search engines.

Organize you data and files so you can find them!

Found this cool tip and thought of you computer geeks….

Using the Microsoft XP image viewer….

Set up a shortcut to the image viewer on your desktop:

1- Use this as the command line for the shortcut (suggest you cut and paste instead of trying to retype it)


2- The shortcut will open the image viewer… (it will open with a note saying no preview is available)

3- Drag and drop an image file into the open viewer (use explorer, my computer, etc. to open a folder and drag the image.)

Cool Tricks:

1- Once you have the image open, use the toolbar arrows ( at the bottom) to browse through all of the images in the same folder.
2- If you have a list of images in multiple folders, just drag and drop them all into the viewer then browse.
3- The Slide Show tool on the Image view toolbar will play a slide show of all the images in the folder.
4- The save-as button will convert the image to several different file formats…
5- Click the print icon and follow the options in the printing wizard dialog box… They will eventually lead you to a layout window where you can print one or more of the images and give you choices about printing multiple images to a single page (like a photography contact sheet). You can even have it print multiple copies of the same image on one page.

Provide Feedback and suggestions for future newsletters at any time. I'll try and use what I can.

I really do appreciate those of you who take the time to write and comment on this newsletter!  



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