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February, 2005

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What's in the Box?

What does your resume say about you? With all the various recommendations and conflicting advice it's hard to decide just what to put on a resume. Here's a different way to look at it. 

Think about a resume as your own personal cereal box. You, on the inside, are competing for potential employers with all of the other brands (competing applicants) on the cereal isle. The box is the advertising (your resume). 

Stretching it a bit? Not really. Next time you are at the grocery store, consider all of the various brands of Corn Flakes. They are all about the same on the inside, and each is trying to prove itself special by the advertising on the box. Each one  finds something unique to get your attention.

Now consider what you can say about yourself that is special, unique, different or important to potential companies? It's your resume that is going to drive a potential employer into a buying frenzy (O.K., maybe you'll just get an interview... but that's a start!).


Negotiation Tip: 

In a negotiation, you don't own every problem. New buyers waste a lot of time spinning their wheels while trying to solve problems that belong to someone else.  Read more about it: Serve the Ball


Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference.

National Association of Purchasing Management - Western Washington will host the 62nd Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference in Seattle, October 5-7, 2005. Reserve space in your schedule to participate. 


Negotiation Skills and Strategies. March 7-8 2005, Spokane, WA.  Presented by: Washington State Chapter of NIGP

Speaking of education. Many thanks to NAPM Spokane for inviting me to present at their luncheon on March 15. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Personal Development

Several affiliates in our region have updated and improved their web sites. Start with the newly updated Northwest Purchasing Education Council web page. Sharing Ideas and opportunities. It's what we are all about! 

Special Note; to Newsletter Editors, Program Planners and people who send notices to members. At work, do you like meetings? Wouldn't you rather attend an educational program?

ISM News


2005 Leadership Workshop Schedules 

I highly recommend that everyone who wants to be active in the organization attend one or more leadership workshops! They are the best forum for exchanging information and enthusiasm that we have. Take a look at some of the discussion notes from previous workshops to get an idea. 

ISM has recently updated the Affiliate Support section of their Web site to include new and updated artwork. Use this artwork for advertisements in newsletters, meeting handouts, fliers, posters, publications and more.

The ISM Resource Center has completed updating the ISM Resource Guides. What are Resource Guides? The ISM Resource Guides are topic-specific electronic "packets of information" on a number of supply management subjects. Each guide includes 5-10 articles from various ISM publications, articles from non-ISM publications, suggested reading lists, valuable links to related Web sites and contact information for a variety of other resources and information on the topic. ISM's Resource Guides deliver specific information on the topics you are most interested in right to your computer desktop. The ISM Resource Guides are FREE to ISM members.


Do you wish you could do a better job of using search engines to find information on the internet? Check out this guide

New search Engine

Try this new yellow page search site.  [sorry it's gone now... updated 2013]   

So you're corresponding with the kids (or your mom) via email. I guess some communication is better than none. But after a while the conversation with the kid turns cryptic. In response to your last comment about money the kid says: 

:-Q   WDYM    :-)

Don't worry, it's not the Outer Limits taking over your computer, it's the new shorthand. This is how many conversations in chat rooms and text messaging look these days. If you really want to know what the kids are saying to each other, or if you are an aging hippy trying to be hip, check out this web site.  It's a translator for Emoticons ( the little smiley face symbols), online acronyms and text messaging symbols.

With this tool; Y? wd U evr wn2 spk en agn?

[My favorite and it's not in the page!, probably B4 their time]

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