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January, 2005

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What Should I Do to Prepare for the C.P.M. Exam?

Those interested in taking the exam have a common question, "What should I do to prepare for the exam?" So, ISM asked Dr. Michael A. McGinnis, C.P.M., A.P.P., to prepare some scenarios based on individuals who have tested. He interviewed six individuals representing a wide cross section of those who hold the C.P.M. They included men and women, vary widely in age, work in a variety of sectors, are at different levels in their organizations, live throughout the United States, have varied educational backgrounds, and come from different walks of life. Some were actively encouraged to seek certification by their employers and others were self-motivated. Some passed all four modules the first time and others persevered until they achieved their goal. One thing that stands out in these scenarios is that there are a lot of different approaches for preparing for C.P.M. (and A.P.P.) certification. No one approach is best. No one approach is worst. Each of these individuals followed a strategy that worked for them. To read the scenarios click here .


Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference.

National Association of Purchasing Management - Western Washington will host the 62nd Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference in Seattle, October 5-7, 2005. Reserve space in your schedule to attend now. 


Negotiation Skills and Strategies. March 7-8 2005, Spokane, WA.  Presented by: Washington State Chapter of NIGP

Personal Development

Am I an employee worth keeping?  What makes a great employee?   (hint: It's more than just showing up for work on time...)

A company hires, keeps, promotes and rewards people based on their value to the company. People compete with each other and job applicants all through their career. Either overtly or indirectly, companies rank personnel resources. It may be through a formal appraisal process or a less formal management consensus process.

When it comes to keeping our job, how we are perceived by management, customers and staff is just as important as our skill. 

Read this new article on Perception to get a better idea.

Find these articles and other career related resources on my Career Development Page.  

Negotiation Thought

New buyers learn quickly to negotiate more than just the price. Professional buyers negotiate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), including factors such as: packaging, shipping, marking, and delivery schedules. More experienced buyers realize the selling price also includes the supplier's total cost of sales such as: sales calls, advertising, inventory, support and warranties. They understand that the total net cost of a product or service is made up of many costs to both the buyer and seller. Every penny that can be saved for either the buyer or seller is a potential decrease in the TCO. 

Truly extraordinary buyers work with the supplier to cut costs in all possible ways and develop comprehensive and creative contract agreements. Here are some ideas to get started: 

ISM News

The ISM web site includes many resources that can be used in newsletters and promotional events:
Here are two great examples in the members only area:


2005 Leadership Workshop Schedules 

I highly recommend that everyone who wants to be active in the organization attend one or more leadership workshops! They are the best forum for exchanging information and enthusiasm that we have. Take a look at some of the discussion notes from previous workshops to get an idea. 

ISM will help supplement the cost for the first 5, but often affiliates send many more representatives. It's money well spent!


Are you involved in helping to maintain an affiliate web site? You might be interested in the latest ClickNotes update. Just a few non-technical tips to help us non-technical web volunteers.

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