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September, 2004

Sarbanes Oxley reduz
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North to Alaska!

Time is running out for you to plan to joing us in Anchorage for the 61st Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference October 7-9, 2004 at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown.

Sign up for Purchasing Topics and Professional Development with  Nationally Recognized Speakers, Networking Opportunities, Unique Workshops, World Class Food, Alaskan Theme Entertainment and Incomparable Scenery. 

Download the Conference Brochure and Register today!


White collar crime not an issue in your business?  How do you klnow? I suggest reconsidering the subject on a regular basis with all of your purchasing and management staff. Fraud, can sneak into your organization just when you least expect it. 

Here area series of web sites that include articles case studies and tools to help you understand and identify potential problems. As custodians of the company's spending money, part of our job is to be prepared! Great reading for those lazy fall days as you wait for a tardy sunrise.

Sarbanes Oxley reduz

After the last series of articles about the impact of SOX on procurement, I had several people ask if SOX would impact government contractors. The short answer is YES! 

If you doubt it, read this very interesting interview. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has published in Fraud Magazine, an interview with U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker, head of the General Accounting Office.

ISM News

ISM has posted the notes form the Summer leadership workshops on line. Looking for a dinner program? Print a copy of the notes form one workshop and spend the evening discussing with all of your members? What better way to spend a dinner program than giving everyone a chance to contributes ideas and suggestions?

I recently had a good friend ask about generating a new set of terms and conditions for her company. Could seem like a daunting task until you remmebr that ISM has a book of sample terms that they collected and have published.  The price to members is reasonable, and it could prve to be a very ghelpful way to start.Go to the ISM web and in the ISM product list search for Contract Terms and conditions item TN2.   


Are you one of the few fortunate people who will not have to look for a new job before you retire? Is it fact or wishful thinking? 

Prudent buyers are planning ahead and preparing for their next job change. One good way to start is by checking out purchasing news, articles and seminars. Hot topics of interest to other professionals will give you an important clue about the skills required by progressive companies. 

Really smart buyers are checking international web sites as well as those in the U.S. Even if you don't want to work internationally, there are plenty of jobs for people who understand international procurement issues.

I've updated my Purchasing related hotlink page with a number of links to international purchasing organizations and sites.

Gotta go now and get back to work on my conference program on Negotiation. I've found some great new web sites. Check this one out:

Machiavelli's Workshop: "defines its business as the secrets of power and persuasion packaged as fun. It develops games of negotiation strategy that enable people to test and improve their strategic negotiation skills in a fun and time-flexible environment. Online negotiating games. Corporate training games & workshops"  [sorry seems to be gone now - 2013}

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