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August, 2004

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North to Alaska!

Make plans to attend the 61st Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference October 7-9, 2004 at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. Here are some highlights. Sign up for Purchasing Topics and Professional Development with  Nationally Recognized Speakers, Networking Opportunities, Unique Workshops, World Class Food, Alaskan Theme Entertainment and Incomparable Scenery. 

Keynote Speaker: Anthony S. Nieves, C.P.M., A.P.P., CFPM Chairman, ISM Board of Directors
Benjamin Beard, JD
Ross Kopperud, JD
Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth
Dr. Bruno Kappes
Dr. Elisha Baker
Dr. Jim Cummings
Dr. Jang Ra
Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

Download the Conference Brochure and Register today!


WASHINGTON STATE CHAPTER OF NIGP In cooperation with the Office of State Procurement Presents 1-Day Seminars

How to Write a Pocket Purchasing Guide; November 17, 2004, Seattle, WA

Specification Writing; November 18, 2004, Seattle, WA

Shoreline Community College is pleased to announce that itís purchasing and supply chain programs has been updated and learning options expanded. Course learning objectives and content have been updated during the past two years to reflect todayís operations. Starting fall quarter, 2004, Shoreline will offer six (6) purchasing and supply chain courses on-line and in the classroom.  


Professional Development

Do you subcontract for ANY services today (or want to, in your next job)? I'm not talking about just the giant 10 Million dollar construction. How about elevator repair, bookkeeping, record transcribing, payroll processing, maintenance services, transportation, repair, cleaning, lawn mowing, window washing, etc.? If you do; or worse, someone in your company does informally or by using their purchasing card, then you need to be proactive in your contracting.

IF you do, or might, I suggest reading this essay.

ISM News

Did you register to participate in the ISM SARBANES-OXLEY WEB SEMINAR? Why should you? read this Sarbanes Oxley Act) Register on the ISM web site, . NAPM-WW will co-sponsor the  ISM a webcast discussing the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) and how it may affect the purchasing & supply chain management professionals. The webcast will be available at the NAPM-WW Bellevue office conference room, August 26th, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. visit   for registration information


Are you one of the few fortunate people who will not have to look for a new job before you retire? Is it fact or wishful thinking? 

Prudent buyers are planning ahead and preparing for their next job change. One good way to start is by checking out purchasing news, articles and seminars. Hot topics of interest to other professionals will give you an important clue about the skills required by progressive companies. 

Really smart buyers are checking international web sites as well as those in the U.S. Even if you don't want to work internationally, there are plenty of jobs for people who understand international procurement issues.

I've updated my Purchasing related hotlink page with a number of links to international purchasing organizations and sites.

That's about all for now. Hope you find something useful!

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