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February, 2004

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North to Alaska!

Well, it's time to start planning on doing it again. This time we're going North
to Alaska!

Make plans to attend the 61st Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference October 7-9, 2004 at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. The NAPM Alaska conference is committee is hard at work on the programs. We'll get details to you as soon as we can. Here is some preliminary information from NAPM-Alaska so we can start planning the trip.

" We plan to have a full 2.5 days of conference. We figure if folks are going to pay the travel costs to come this far we are going to give them lots of "bang for the buck". We are going to start in the morning on Thursday the 7th and run through lunch on Saturday the 9th. We will have some sort of ice breaker reception on Wednesday evening, the 6th. The trade show will probably run Wednesday evening and all day Thursday.

Friday evening we will have a dinner and we have something very special planned that we think everyone will enjoy. It'll have an Alaskan theme, will be a lot of fun and will keep people's interest throughout the evening.

The hotel room rates will be $85.00 plus tax. That rate is good for several days before and after the conference too. As far as conference fee, we don't know that for sure yet. "

Block the time, get it into your budget, start planning side trips, invite a few friends and let's get ready to get "Wild About Anchorage". The more of us who plan to attend, the more of an adventure we can have. [If you are wondering about how much fun these conference can be... just get someone to tell you the stories from the last conference we had in Anchorage]. 

I hope to see you in Alaska!


For those of us fortunate to work in the Government world here is some recommended reading:



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Professional Development

Creative Negotiation (part 4) (follow the link to read the full article)

Note to new buyers: A concession isn't always price.

One of the best strategies you can use to move a stuck negotiation forward is to change the deal. What if we; buy two instead of one, take delivery somewhere else, agree to take it unpainted, change the packaging, etc.

This works because suppliers and buyers have much more to trade than just price. Consideration, concessions and incentives, come in many forms and vary with each deal. Most importantly, the various types of consideration that we exchange have different values to each party in the contract. That is, any one item may be of more value to the buyer than to the seller. Great negotiators understand this principle and use it a lot.

Buy TrainArticle; 
Protect my Family inWWW.rtf Hoax, scam and computer virus information

Membership Database;

 What does your affiliate use to track members? If its something informal and you have a recent version of Microsoft Office, check out this Microsoft membership database template. 

It's a generic membership template that runs in Access. You could use it as is or customize for your use. Note: if you want to customize this database, I'll bet there is someone in your affiliate who wants to learn Access and might have fun doing so.

Right click and save this file to your hard drive.  t


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