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January, 2004

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ISM News

Did you vote your ISM proxy or did you abdicate to the will of the vocal minority?  If you didn't vote because you were unsure about the issues, then I suggest you speak with your affiliate officers and ask for some help next time. One of the benefits affiliates can provide for their members is issue analysis and recommendations. It's important that experienced people share their views so everyone can benefit.

ISM discussion list server has had some interesting questions and discussions lately. Do you wonder what other ISM members think about the latest ISM bylaw change, email spam, affiliate election procedures and meeting ice-breakers? Want to ask people in other affiliates about educational resources or leadership tools? This is the place to stay in touch and loose that mushroom feeling. ISM members can subscribe to the mailing list at  


Are you working on professional certification? If not, remember that one of the great values of being certified is to help get your foot in the door for the next job interview. 

The ISM January Newsline is devoted to information about the ISM certification programs. Its great resource including many FAQs about certification that would be worth sharing with your peers and associates.  Newsline is available to ISM members at .       

Getting on the Newsline mailing list and the ISM discussion list server are the first actions I suggest for any new or potential affiliate officer and committee person.


R.Jerry Baker asked me to remind everyone that Shoreline Community College offers distance learning classes in Supply Chain Management subjects. "We offer a degree, two certificates and 6 classes.  The classes are available either in the classroom or online.  Our Certificate of Proficiency in Purchasing Management, is a 48 credit certificate." 

If you want to contact Jerry Baker for more information drop me a note and I'll forward his email address or you can find program information on the college web site. 

Professional Development

Are you an effective negotiator? It's a major portion of our job and thus an important career skill. I've been reviewing and revisiting negotiation skills lately in a series of articles called Creative Negotiating

The articles have been distributed directly to people on my BuyTrain mailing list. [newsletter editors may have reprinted them for everyone else?] You can find the articles in the Purchasing ToolBox

Professional strategy suggestion: take a Creative Negotiation article and use it as a discussion topic with your peers. Ask the question, How can we apply this principle to our daily workload? 

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Survey and Feedback Request

Editorial; Newsletters Add Value?

What purpose does your affiliate newsletter serve? What do you want from your affiliate newsletter? News letters are often cited as one of the ways that the local affiliate adds value to membership, but the format, content and distribution remains the same, year after year. Affiliate officers spend quite a bit of time working on newsletters, but after all that, do we as members feel like the newsletter is worth reading? 

If you aren't getting what you want from your affiliate newsletter, maybe it's time to talk with your officers about newsletter content. Here are some discussion topics and ideas.

That's about all for now. Hope you find something useful!

Provide Feedback and suggestions for future newsletters at any time. I'll try and use what I can.



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