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Obviously some of the articles are out of date, the old hyperlinks no longer work and information is more readily available from other sources.  I've left parts that might be of interest for people new to the profession who want to see the issues that affected us back in the day... when we used to have to use carbon paper to make copies and "press hard" was the most common footer on office forms.

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This is a simple list of newsletters and articles . Articles may have broken links or links which are out of date. For more current thoughts on supply chain issues, visit this page: IMO

 November 2013
Thoughts on insurance, e-discovery, and new PC Tips
January 2013
New article - responsibility determinations, PC tips and references
October 2012
e-Discovery and email documents, labor laws references, Hacked? and more...
July 2012
Responsible Suppliers and Price Realism - new article, Word tips and more...
April 2012
Price Cost Analysis seminar, new SOX article and related concepts, and more
February 2012
Web site password problem, new mail list, , and more...
January 2012
Cyber Security
August 2011
Conference service contracting program preview.
Late May 2011
Report form the ISM Conference and Leadership Program, comments on a legal case, pre-proposal requirements, and more....
May 2011
ISM Leadership Workshop, Professional Attitude, DOD Fraud Audit manual, and more...
March 2011
Negotiation Leverage, Follow the Money
July 2010
Cloud Computing, Negotiating Changes, New INCOTERMS, and more
May 2010
Workshop ideas, lack of planning, software tips
December 2009
New article about checking the authenticity of your supplier's personnel, plus links to insurance terms and more.
July 2009
A short discussion about records, call for Leadership Workshop program ideas, useful keyboard shortcuts.
 May 2009
Notes and ideas from the ISM Conference
March 2009
Recovery Act Clause, E-Commerce panel discussion, Contract Law reference
February 2009
Electronic Records, Negotiating Cost, electronic commerce and PC tips.
May 2008
A buyer's worst nightmare and many more articles, links and tips.
March 2008
Answers to the UCC puzzle posted, and a new article discussing tough questions for internal negotiations
February 2008
UCC and Legal Term s Crossword puzzle, correcting proposal mistakes after contract award, and quite a few PC tips.
January 2008
New article about contract notices, links to ISM web resources, Word Spell Check gotcha fixed and, of course,  much more....
October 2007
Another conference program preview, HR law legal resource, Excel colored tabs and more...
September 2007
Conference program preview, New IRS rules, Workshop programs posted, Huge Excel File problem and more...
June 2007
Resume suggestion, a place to find program speakers, USB drive guidance and more.
May 2007
Leadership Workshop suggestions, ISM Salary survey, emergency planning guide, PC tips seminar handout
April 2007
Negotiating Indirect Costs, seminar handouts, a fun family safety tip and PC tips
March 2007
Why do I care about Cost analysis? Links to resources, PC tips and more.....
February 2007
Contract desk references as gift ideas, GAO ruling supports working from home, Taylor's next seminar,  new articles on negotiating cost and an article about the value of a professional attitude.
January 2007
CPSM exam specification1-A-4 7) I - GLBA,  Compliance and Ethics program article and resources, seminar and workshop plan and more...
December 2006
Is that a reputable supplier, suggestions for clarifying contract language, what are cookies and more....
November 2006
Using personalities in a negotiation, a source for bid specifications and using your PC to help create more complete contracts.
October 2006
New certification specifications, Outlook tips, program idea and hotlinks.
Newsletter September 2006
Invitation to join us at the conference, PC tips and new hotlinks.
Newsletter August 2006
Leadership Workshop notes, PC tips, Updated article on contracting for software and web resources.
Newsletter July 2006
Ideas from the ISM leadership workshop, Conference flyer,
Newsletter June 2006    
What is SOX?, Supply Chain puzzle and personal development
Newsletter May 2006
In this issue find a new article on Negotiation, a report about my attendance at the ISM conference, PC tips and my first Contract Terms Crossword puzzle. Iíve also included some suggestions for getting the most from the ISM leadership workshops
Newsletter December 2005
Newsletter July 2005
Newsletter May 2005
Newsletter March 2005
Newsletter - February 2005
Newsletter January 2005
Perception? - January 2005
Sell Yourself - November 2004
A career opportunity, not a roadblock
Newsletter November 2004
Newsletter October 2004
Newsletter September 2004
Newsletter August 2004
Proactive Procurement 1
Newsletter July 2004
Newsletter June 2004
Newsletter May 2004
Sharpen Your Software Tools
Newsletter April 2004
Newsletter     March 2004
Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX)
Personal Professional Development
Newsletter  February 2004
Creative Negotiation Part 4  February 2004
Newsletter January 2004
Creative_Negotiation_Part_3.txt January 2004
Pastperform October 2003
win_win_negotiation.rtf September 2003
Virus_resource.rtf  September 2003
Legal Programs at the Conference.rtf August 2003
Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).txt August 2003
UCC Amendment July 2003
Put Your Resume in Focus.doc July 2003
International Terms May 2003
Email Notice Feb 2003
Requisition a new Job February 2003
Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference Program Preview, December 2002
Credit Cards on line Is online ordering secure? Here is a link to an article that might help convince you?
Conference 02  Supply Chain management and more. September 2002
Establish Relationships.txt September 2002
BuyTrain News September 2002
Emailfraud.txt August 2002
Internalcomm.txt July 2002
ISM Conference
Evaluate supplier "E" capabilities, March 2002
Certification Newsletter  March 2002
Scam Scum  February 2002
Professional Strategies (January 2002)
New NAPM Name and Web Site (January 2002)
News Year's Email Resolution (January 2002)
Virtual Library Project (December 2001)
Destroy old CDs (November 2001)
Audit Hot Links!.rtf (Oct 21, 2001)

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