The following article was prepared by Mike Taylor, C.P.M. for distribution to NAPM affiliate newsletters. 

June 2000

You CAN Stop Spam 
(or at least help slow it down)

Protect your friends, coworkers and business acquaintances from Spam by changing your email habits!   Use the "bcc" line when sending email messages to groups of people, or forwarding messages to friends.  This will hide the email addresses of everyone on distribution list.

We have all received messages forwarded by someone, that included several previous messages from their friends.  In most cases the previous messages include email addresses of everyone else who got the message (right click on a name and select "properties"). After several rounds of forwarding some of the messages I receive include dozens of previous names all of whom could be targets of advertising and get rich quick plans.

Take a look at some of the messages you receive and consider that only one person in the chain has to have a friend in the "business" and everyone else on the list could be a potential "customer". Even if one of your friends makes the mistake, take the time to delete the previous addresses before forwarding the message. 

In the long run everyone will thank you for doing your part to help prevent spam.


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